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Leading Myanmar’s Telematics Evolution Since 2013

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Brief History: From a visionary start in 2013, B’smart Myanmar has grown to become the foremost telematics service provider in Myanmar, holding the largest market share through a steadfast dedication to innovation and excellence.

Mission Statement: We are committed to transforming businesses with advanced telematics, empowering fleets with solutions that drive efficiency and success.

Innovation Highlight

Our relentless pursuit of excellence propels us to develop solutions that not only address today’s needs but also anticipate the challenges of tomorrow, setting new industry standards.


Innovation Overview

At B’smart, innovation is at the core. Our Advanced Transport Management System is a testament to our leadership in integrating Wireless Communication, Information Systems, and Location-Based Technology into powerful, user-centric solutions.

Vision Statement

We go beyond standard offerings to provide strategic, efficient, and empowering tools designed for the success of your business.


Fleet Management Portal

Discover unparalleled operational efficiency with our user-friendly Fleet Management Portal, compatible with over 200 telematics devices for plug-and-play flexibility.

ERP Integration

Our strategic ERP integration streamlines your operations, allowing you to focus on core business growth with seamless technological support.

Telematics Devices

Our high-performance devices deliver real-time data, forming a robust backbone for your telematics infrastructure.

Sector Overviews

From individual vehicle owners to public service entities, B’smart customizes telematics solutions across sectors, ensuring precision and adaptability to unique operational needs.

Solution Spectrum

Our services range from Vehicle Telematics to Smart City Applications, fostering safer, more efficient transportation, and contributing to sustainable environmental practices.

Our Commitment

We demystify technological complexity, providing clear, efficient, and powerful telematics solutions, allowing our clients to focus on their core business.

Comprehensive Services

From Research & Consultancy to Support & Maintenance, B’smart offers end-to-end services to ensure your success at every turn.

Global Reach

B’smart’s global reach and robust partnerships enhance our operational knowledge, making us a trusted partner worldwide.


Join us on a transformative journey with B’smart Myanmar. Connect, innovate, and define your path to success in the dynamic world of transportation technology.