Tailored Telematics Solutions for Every Fleet

Elevate Your Fleet Operations to New Heights with B’smart Precision

Step into the realm of B’smart Myanmar, where each telematics solution is a masterpiece tailored to the unique rhythms of your operations. We don’t just cater to industries; we resonate with them, delivering bespoke solutions that amplify efficiency, bolster safety, and redefine the potential of your fleet. With B’smart, your fleet’s capabilities are boundless, powered by a synergy of innovation and unparalleled ease of use.

Fleet Management Portal

Our Fleet Management Portal stands as the quintessential element of our telematics offerings, distinguishing B’smart Myanmar within the industry. This portal is meticulously engineered to be the central hub of your fleet operations, delivering not just data, but actionable insights. It’s where intuition meets intelligence, providing a comprehensive overview that translates into tangible enhancements in operational efficiency.

Recognizing that no two fleets are the same, our portal is designed with customization as its cornerstone. It adapts to the unique demands of your business, allowing you to tailor the experience to your fleet’s specific needs. Whether it’s customizing data points or configuring alerts, our portal molds to your operational priorities, ensuring a solution as unique as your fleet.

At the heart of our portal lies the main dashboard, your command center, crafted for utility and sophistication. It’s a culmination of design and functionality that presents critical metrics at a glance while offering the depth of detailed analytics. This dashboard is the pulse of your operations, where every decision is informed, every insight is clear, and every action is deliberate.

The portal’s dynamic range includes a Device Agnostic Interface, ensuring compatibility with a multitude of devices; Advanced Data Analytics, for deep dives into your fleet’s performance; and Customizable Dashboards, which can be configured for the KPIs that matter most to you. Real-time Alerts keep you informed of critical events the moment they happen, enabling proactive management.

Telematics Devices

The cornerstone of any telematics solution, our devices are the product of rigorous engineering and meticulous design. From durable GPS trackers to advanced sensors, each device is built to deliver precise, reliable data under any condition, ensuring your fleet remains connected and informed.

Enhanced Accuracy, Robust Construction, Easy Installation, Broad Compatibility.

ERP Integration

Elevate your operations with our ERP Integration solutions, designed to weave telematics data directly into your business processes. This synergy enhances decision-making, optimizes resource allocation, and drives efficiency, all while maintaining the integrity of your core systems.

Seamless Data Flow, Automated Reporting, Improved Resource Planning, Streamlined Operations.

Sector-Specific Solutions

Private/Individual Sector:  For the individual, our solutions offer peace of mind and a new level of control over personal vehicles. Experience enhanced security, maintenance alerts, and journey tracking tailored to the needs of private users.

Commercial Sector Small businesses and large enterprises alike can reap the benefits of our scalable solutions. Manage your fleet’s efficiency, track logistics in real time, and enhance operational performance with tools designed for commercial success.

Public Sector:   Public services require reliability and precision. Our solutions support public transportation systems, fleet management, and resource allocation, all while contributing to community well-being.

​Government Sector:  We partner with government entities to provide telematics solutions that support public infrastructure projects, emergency response coordination, and public service vehicle management, aligning with governance and civic goals.