B’smart Telematics: Custom Solutions, Exceptional Control

Innovative Systems Tailored to Your Industry’s Pulse

Step into the world of B’smart Myanmar, where telematics systems are not just advanced but also uniquely adapted to your specific operational needs. Our array of tailored telematics services empowers a spectrum of industries with precision, efficiency, and innovation.

Vehicle Telematics

Our Vehicle Telematics system is a comprehensive solution designed for the proactive management of both passenger vehicles and commercial fleets. Integrating advanced GPS navigation with real-time vehicle tracking, we provide a suite of tools for safety management, remote diagnostics, and automated emergency response.


o GPS Navigation

o Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

o Safety Management Systems

o Remote Diagnostics

o Automated Emergency Calling


Insurance Telematics

Transform the insurance industry with our Insurance Telematics solutions. These systems enable insurers to monitor driving behaviors, paving the way for usage-based insurance policies that reward safe driving and help reduce risks.


o Driver Behavior Monitoring

o Usage-Based Insurance Modeling

o Risk Assessment Tools

o Incentivization of Safe Driving Practices


Fleet Management

Our Fleet Management solutions deliver real-time data on vehicle location, fuel consumption, utilization, and driver behavior, providing essential insights for logistics and supply chain optimization.


o Live Location Tracking

o Fuel Consumption Analysis

o Fleet Utilization Reports

o Driver Behavior Analytics


Regulatory Compliance

Ensure your fleet adheres to industry regulations with our Regulatory Compliance tools. Our telematics devices facilitate compliance, especially for commercial vehicles, helping you navigate the legal landscape with confidence.


o Compliance Monitoring Devices

o Automated Reporting for Regulations

o Alerts for Compliance Deviations


Asset Tracking

Go beyond vehicles with our Asset Tracking systems designed to secure and monitor the transit conditions of valuable assets, including temperature-sensitive goods.


o Real-Time Asset Location Tracking

o Condition Monitoring (e.g., temperature, humidity)

o Security Alerts and Notifications


Smart City Applications

Our Smart City Applications contribute to the development of connected, efficient urban environments by managing traffic flows, creating intelligent parking solutions, and enhancing public transport services.


o Traffic Flow Management

o Smart Parking Systems

o Public Transport Integration


Consumer Telematics

Our Consumer Telematics services offer individual users enhanced driving experiences through real-time traffic updates, efficient route planning, and emergency roadside assistance.


o Traffic Alerts

o Route Optimization

o Emergency Assistance Connectivity


Autonomous Vehicles

Facilitate the future of autonomous transportation with our telematics infrastructure that supports communication and integration between autonomous vehicles and control systems.


o Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Communication

o Autonomous Fleet Management

o Integration with Control Centers


Environmental Impact

Our solutions champion environmental stewardship by optimizing routes, reducing idle times, and promoting efficient vehicle maintenance to minimize ecological footprints.


o Route Optimization for Reduced Emissions

o Idle Time Minimization

o Maintenance Scheduling for Peak Performance