Extend the power of precision logistics to your valuable assets with B’smart Myanmar’s Asset Tracking systems. Designed to protect and monitor, our robust solutions provide real-time oversight of your assets throughout their journey. Whether you’re transporting temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals or high-value electronics, our systems ensure that your goods are monitored from departure to delivery.

Expanded Features

Real-Time Asset Location Tracking

Gain transparency with live location tracking of your assets. Our systems offer constant visibility, whether your goods are on the move or in storage, ensuring you can always pinpoint their exact location.

Condition Monitoring

Protect the integrity of sensitive goods with comprehensive condition monitoring. Our tracking systems record environmental conditions like temperature and humidity, crucial for perishable or fragile items, ensuring they remain within specified parameters.

Security Alerts and Notifications

Stay informed with instant alerts and notifications for any security concerns. If an asset moves outside a geofenced area or experiences unauthorized access, you’ll be the first to know, enabling rapid response to potential issues.

Advanced Analytics for Asset Utilization

Utilize our advanced analytics to optimize asset utilization. Understand usage patterns, predict needs, and allocate resources efficiently, reducing waste and increasing ROI.

Customizable Reporting

Receive reports tailored to the metrics that matter most to you. Our customizable reporting features allow you to focus on the information you need, from logistics performance to asset utilization statistics.

Seamless Integration

Our Asset Tracking systems seamlessly integrate with your existing logistics and inventory management software, enhancing your operational ecosystem without the need for extensive reconfiguration.

Robust Hardware

Deploy our durable tracking devices designed for the rigors of transit. With long battery life and rugged construction, they are built to provide reliable service in a variety of environments.

IoT Connectivity

Benefit from the Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, enabling your assets to communicate vital information back to your central system. This interconnectedness is key to a responsive and adaptive logistics strategy.

Scalable Solutions

Our Asset Tracking systems are scalable, suitable for small businesses with valuable assets to large enterprises with complex logistics networks. Scale your asset tracking in tandem with your business growth, ensuring consistent oversight no matter the size of your operations.