Command your fleet with unparalleled precision using B’smart Myanmar’s comprehensive Fleet Management solutions. Our system is the cornerstone of logistics excellence, providing a stream of real-time data that includes vehicle location, fuel consumption, fleet utilization, and driver behavior. These insights are integral to refining logistics strategies, optimizing supply chain operations, and elevating overall fleet performance to new heights.

Expanded Features

Live Location Tracking

Maintain a bird’s-eye view of your entire fleet with our precise live location tracking. Monitor the movements of every vehicle in real-time, enabling swift reactions to traffic conditions, route changes, and scheduling demands.

Fuel Consumption Analysis

Reduce operational costs with detailed fuel consumption analytics. Our system identifies patterns and provides recommendations for fuel-saving, contributing to both cost reduction and environmental sustainability.

Fleet Utilization Reports

Maximize your fleet’s potential with comprehensive utilization reports. Understand how each vehicle is being used, identify underutilization or overuse, and make data-driven decisions to balance your fleet’s workload.

Driver Behavior Analytics

Enhance safety and efficiency with insights into driver behavior. Our analytics cover a range of metrics from speed and idling to harsh braking, helping you to coach drivers towards safer and more fuel-efficient driving practices.

Advanced Routing and Dispatch

Optimize your routes with our advanced routing features that take into account real-time traffic updates, weather conditions, and vehicle capacity. Efficient dispatching ensures timely deliveries and high service levels.

Maintenance Scheduling

Stay proactive with our maintenance scheduling tools. Automated alerts based on usage and diagnostics prevent breakdowns and extend vehicle lifespans, keeping your fleet running smoothly.

Regulatory Compliance

Keep compliance in check with our solutions that track and report on necessary regulations. Ensure your fleet meets industry standards and avoid costly penalties.

Integration and Scalability

Our Fleet Management systems integrate seamlessly with your existing operational software, growing with your business. Scale up effortlessly as your fleet expands or your needs evolve.

Customizable Alerts and Notifications

Set up custom alerts for immediate notification of critical events, from unauthorized use to deviations from planned routes. Stay informed and in control at all times.

Sustainability and Efficiency

Drive your fleet towards a greener future with features that support sustainability. Monitor and manage your environmental impact by optimizing routes and reducing idle times.