Revolutionize your approach to auto insurance with B’smart Myanmar’s cutting-edge Insurance Telematics solutions. Our advanced systems are designed to provide insurers with a granular view of driving behaviors, enabling a shift from traditional models to usage-based insurance (UBI) policies. This not only aligns premiums with individual driving patterns but also opens the door to incentivizing safer driving habits, significantly reducing risk and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Expanded Features

Driver Behavior Monitoring

Utilize state-of-the-art GPS technology for precision routing, turn-by-turn directions, and strategic planning to ensure timely arrivals and departures.

Usage-Based Insurance Modeling

Transition from the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to dynamic UBI models with our telematics. Determine premiums based on actual vehicle usage and driving behavior, offering fair pricing and promoting customer loyalty.

Risk Assessment Tools

Stay ahead of maintenance needs with remote diagnostic capabilities that alert you to potential issues, facilitating preventative maintenance and reducing downtime.

Incentivization of Safe Driving Practices​

Encourage policyholders to adopt safer driving habits with reward programs. Our telematics solutions enable you to offer discounts, bonuses, or lower premiums to drivers who demonstrate safe behavior on the road.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Our Insurance Telematics solutions come equipped with powerful analytics and reporting features, providing you with the evidence-based insights needed to make informed decisions. From identifying high-risk drivers to adjusting policy terms, our data empowers you to act with precision.

Customizable Policy Frameworks

Create flexible insurance products with our telematics that can be customized to fit various customer segments. From young drivers to commercial fleet operators, tailor your offerings to meet the diverse needs of your clientele.

Privacy and Security

Security and privacy are at the forefront of our telematics solutions. We employ stringent data protection measures to ensure that all collected information is securely processed and stored, respecting both regulatory standards and customer privacy.

Integration with Claims Management

Streamline the claims process by integrating real-time telematics data, which can provide immediate insights into incidents, potentially speeding up claims resolutions and improving customer experience during stressful times.

Sustainable Impact

By promoting safer driving and reducing the frequency and severity of accidents, our Insurance Telematics solutions contribute to a safer, more sustainable driving environment for everyone.