Embrace the dawn of autonomous transportation with B’smart Myanmar’s advanced telematics infrastructure. Engineered to bridge the gap between autonomous vehicles and the urban fabric, our systems enable seamless communication and sophisticated integration. With our technology, autonomous fleets become a harmonious part of the transportation ecosystem, managed with precision and integrated with city-wide control systems.

Expanded Features

Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Communication

Our telematics enable direct communication between autonomous vehicles and road infrastructure, facilitating smart traffic management, real-time navigation adjustments, and enhanced road safety. This two-way exchange of information is crucial for the effective functioning of autonomous vehicles within the smart city grid.

Autonomous Fleet Management

Manage your autonomous fleet with a suite of tools designed for the future. Our systems provide oversight and control, allowing for optimized routing, predictive maintenance, and efficient deployment of self-driving vehicles.

Integration with Control Centers

Achieve a new level of synchronization with our integration solutions that connect autonomous vehicles to centralized control centers. This allows for coordinated responses to traffic conditions, emergencies, and operational adjustments, ensuring a smooth flow within the transportation network.

Data Analytics for Autonomous Operations

Leverage the power of data with analytics tailored for autonomous operations. Our systems collect and interpret vast amounts of data from autonomous vehicles, providing insights that drive improvements in vehicle performance and traffic management.

Seamless User Experience

Experience a seamless user interface that allows for intuitive control and monitoring of autonomous fleets. Whether you’re managing a few vehicles or an entire fleet, our user-centric design ensures ease of use without sacrificing depth of function.

Eco-Friendly Autonomous Solutions

Contribute to a sustainable future with our eco-friendly autonomous solutions. By optimizing travel routes and reducing idle times, our telematics support the environmental advantages of autonomous vehicles.

Research and Development Support

Stay at the cutting edge with our ongoing research and development in autonomous vehicle telematics. We work tirelessly to advance our technology, ensuring our solutions anticipate the needs of tomorrow’s autonomous fleets.